glip  0.1.0-dev
The Generic Logic Interfacing Project
glip_ctx Struct Reference

#include <glip-protected.h>

Data Fields

glip_log_fn log_fn
int log_priority
void * caller_ctx
struct glip_backend_ctxbackend_ctx
struct glip_backend_if backend_functions
struct glip_optionbackend_options
unsigned int num_backend_options
bool connected

Detailed Description

GLIP context

This context is like the "this" variable of an object oriented programming language. It contains all state information, thus eliminating the need for a global state and allowing the library to be used for multiple backends at the same time.

This context struct is available to the backends as well as the top layer of the library. All state information that is private to the backend should go into the backend context (backend_ctx).

Field Documentation

glip_log_fn glip_ctx::log_fn

logging function

See also
int glip_ctx::log_priority

logging priority

See also
void* glip_ctx::caller_ctx
struct glip_backend_ctx* glip_ctx::backend_ctx

the backend context (opaque outside of the backends)

struct glip_backend_if glip_ctx::backend_functions

functions implementing the backend interface

struct glip_option* glip_ctx::backend_options

options passed to the backend

unsigned int glip_ctx::num_backend_options

number of elements in backend_options

bool glip_ctx::connected

are we connected to a target?

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